Humans: The Secret Life of Martin Handford is a solo exhibition by Daniel Allende, curated by Nick Fusaro for Three Four Three Four Gallery. For Humans, Allende presents a new series of drawings in the illustrative style of Martin Handford. This body of work derives from Allende's interests in utopian architecture, engineering, and the human anatomy. Allende imagines practical architectural innovations that include a "vagina sliding joint" and a "boob friction clamp". He creates a darker, naked interpretation of Martin Handford's drawings by using the stripped-down human form as an architectural unit. Allende's bodies twist and turn, working as strong, cohesive building blocks that evoke memories of Handford's crowded scenes.

In 1986, Martin Handford was asked by his art director at Walker Books to draw a character with peculiar features so that his pictures of crowds had a focal point. After much thinking, he came up with the idea of "Wally", a world traveler and time travel aficionado who always dresses in red and white. The Where's Wally? books were published in the UK by Walker Books and in the US under the title Where's Waldo? by Little, Brown and Company.

Humans: The Secret Life of Martin Handford opens October 24th and closes November 8th. Three Four Three Four is a nomadic gallery founded by Nick Fusaro in 2013. The gallery is currently located on the fourth floor of 34 34th Street in Brooklyn, NY.
-Nick Fusaro