Due the unique circumstances of "For the Birds", all of our props and costumes have been living with the birds. They train and acclimate to the new set pieces with the help of the amazing staff at the Flitezone theater. The team includes: Cathy Schlott (Curator, Behavioral Management and Education), Jenny Walsh (Asst Manager, Behavioral Management and Education), and Education Trainers Ashley Connelly, Christa Gaus, Taylor Guastella, Kelly Pollard, Mike Faix, and David Kaser.

"Over the past weeks, our birds have been practicing their behaviors and getting used to the customized set pieces. During the show, a variety of parrots, a Southern Ground Hornbill, and other species will be highlighted in unique ways, and will help to tell the story," says Jenny Walsh, Assistant Manager of Behavioral Management & Education.

photos courtesy of Laila Archuleta